Outsourcing & Consulting

Manaar’s services consist of management outsourcing and consulting. Ourservices are aimed at helping companies to implement effective riskmanagement strategies that support business development, operations strategy, local supply chain and government relations

Business & Political Risk Consulting.

Legal Compliance & Corporate Services covers qualified legal advice on jurisdictional corporate law, corporate governance and compliance.The specializationison supporting private companies working with governments
Business & Commercial Advisory involves consulting advice covering government supply chain, political riskmanagement, relevant business development and strategy

Management Support Outsourcing

  • Skills Augmentation Involves providing personnel to augment existing skills and capabilities for our clients. We cover engineering, geophysics, economics and information technology, specialized insupporting oi l& gas and technical services operations
  • Lifecycle Project & Operations Management involves life cycle operations and project management covering technical services subcontracting, construction projectmanagement, enterprise information systems implementations


Vendor Selection

  • Engage customers and vendors, direct sales methods and manage customer service and support.
  • Advise on and shape vendor and client relationship management strategies.