Operational research


Research Content

Our operational research combines commercial and echnical analysis to examine operational performace drivers in specific industryareasandprojcts.Thefocushasbeenonupstreamoil&gas and infrastructure operations with capabilities through out the energ yvalue chain.

Key strengths


  • Finance & Economics Operations Analysis:
  • Our research is based on conventional project and asset cash flow economics to create realistic financial performance metrics driving the economic fasibility of projects and operations.There search also focuses on role of qualitative factors, including political developments, government decision processes, timing of payments, and competitor intelligence.The result is quantitatively rigorous content which captures the real drivers and practical strategies for sustaining financial success on the groud.
  • Project Management Quality Control Analysis
  • This is part of our research aims to determine management best practices and quality standards of projects and operations. Analysis of fundamental management standards forms the basis of the research, including an examination of project management systems, processes and controls.Our research also looks at supplementary management functions, including local project content quality, sub contractor benchmarking, personnel employment, logistics, community and social initiatives as an integral part of project management function.Our research aligns the highest global project management quality standards with a deep practical insight of local market drivers and the type of local content that often decides the successof any project.