Commercial Research



Our research mostly covers oil & gas, renewable energy and infrastructure sectors. We examine issues such as commercial, economic, political and socio-economic drivers impacting specific markets, projects and areas of business.The ultimate scope of our research is defined by our clients or by our own teams (incases of independent research projects).


Our research has been widely used by energy companies,financial institutions and academic institutions to help improve their understanding of the commercial and operational risks in ou rareas of activiy. There search is also an increasing point of reference for local and international media outlets, major industry conferences and events.

Research Basis

We undertake research on an independent, multi-client or exclusive research basis. Research is usually produced in the form of studies or periodic updates in response to client requests or from issues that we proactively identify in the course of our consulting work.

  • Independent Research
  • Defines our own research initiatives where Manaar sponsors the field work and retains full rights on the distribution and markeing thereafter
  • Based around topics that are of interest to a group of clients with the owner ship and marketing rights pre-agreed between the client and Manaar
  • Exclusive Research
  • Describes research based on a single client typically with a narrower scope of research and highly restricted ownership and distrbution conditions