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Some Words About Our Company

Manaar has been helping to improve investments and technology relationships between government and private enterprises for more than 10 years. Our niche expertise is in techology and data science investments. This has involved delivering solutions and ventures for enterprises in conventional energy, renewable energy, finance, data science, education and training sectors.

We develop and invest in proprietary data content, analytics applications and studies. Experience has taught us how to combine data science and practical know how to understand the complexity, problems and needs of our industry. This has allowed us to support the most complex decisions and commercial and investment projects with unique focus and depth.


Snapshot of Activities

  • Manaar is a consulting & outsourcing group supporting investment & technology projects .
  • We specialize in investment consulting & enterprise development.
  • Our strengths are in deep analytics, risk management, business and market development.
  • We help enterprises understand the complexities and risks of their challenges and mobilize relevant resources to meet their targets.


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